Tulliemet - business

This page links to businesses with contacts in Tulliemet.  See the individual websites for contact details.

The Wood Hut supplies a variety of handcrafted wooden gifts and their new Wooden Rings website focusses specifically on their range of handmade wooden rings.

Ian Lewis Design and selfbuild pools

Legal Software Solutions

The art and products of Nettlecraft are described in that link.


See also the self-catering accommodation available in Tulliemet.

Perhaps located a little beyond our catchment area is the intriguingly named GUAY TULLIEMET AVIATION LTD.  The name surely cannot be a coincidence (anyone know the connection?), but the possibility of a short-haul (or maybe VTOL) flight from Guay to Tulliemet is tempting!

Note that contact details for the Neil Andrew Driving School are still available on the web, but the business is no longer operational.