Tulliemet (historically often Tullymet and translating as Hill of Justice) is a small Scottish village some 35 kms NNW of the city of Perth1 and lies approximately midway between Dunkeld and Pitlochry.  It comprises a loosely-spread collection of 47 dwellings encompassed by the four postcodes PH9 0PA (or 0PB or 0NY or 0NZ).  Although it has some notable history, the village is perhaps most familiar through the popularity of the eponymous strathspey "The Braes of Tulliemet" (check out the steps & music).

NEWEST!  Jan - Apr 2018 Cafe Sci schedule announced.  Today's (16th Jan) meeting postponed.

NEWER!  Our local Community Council creates a new website and then leaps into the 21st Century by planning to close it down!

1 For the geographically curious or Google Earth-enabled NOT, we are to be found, by one definition of the village centre at least (the post box), at 56° 39′ 16.5″ N,  3° 38′ 11.4″ W or OS map ref: NN 99766 52607 and at an average of about 180 metres amsl.

Post box

Thanks to those lovely people at Google Maps we can be spied on here.